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Arboriculture Inventory

Our Street Tree Inventory Software, Arboriculture Inventory, helps you develop a computerized Street Tree Inventory and Maintenance System.  Focused toward Municipalities, Tree Maintenance Companies, Consulting Arborists, Home Owner Associations, Land Developers, and any other organization which needs to manage their urban forest.   For more information visit our site at www.ArboricultureInventory.com.


Street Tree Inventory


GPS Measurements



Data Entry

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Tools & Techniques

Using Building Plans

Using Google Earth

GPS Import Utility

Data Entry Techniques


Pictures / Images

Selecting a Camera

Image Resolution


What Is GPS?

Measurement Accuracy

Making Accurate Meas.

Selecting a GPS





EDIS UF/IFAS Landscape

Arbor Day Foundation

Tree City USA


Additional Information

Utility Right Of Way

Hazard Tree Risk Form

Arbor Information

Arbor Info DBF

Arbor Glossary


Street Tree Inventory



Street Tree Inventory (using GPS coordinates)

These links will provide you information on developing a Street Tree Inventory using GPS coordinates.  We believe the best approach to conducting and managing a Street Tree Inventory is to reference their location not only with a physical address/area but also it's GPS coordinates.  Even with low-end low-cost hand-held GPS units, you can get close enough to the tree to determine which one it is in most cases, all you have to do is look up.   These techniques reference our Arboriculture Inventory software system but can be altered to use your Street Tree Inventory system.


Tools & Techniques

We have developed a couple of tools and techniques to help up enter data and reduce errors.  These tools and techniques can be duplicated or modified to fit your needs.


Pictures / Images

Use a Digital Camera with optical zoom that automatically rotates images, since most pictures will be taken in the portrait mode (taller) than taken in the landscape mode (wider).  The image resolution should at least be 2 mega-pixels for decent images, use higher resolution when needed.   Image storage should be in on a Secure Digital (SD), Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC), Memory Stick (MS), CompactFlash (CF), or some other removable media which can easily be read by computer.  Having a Zoom feature will help with framing the picture without having to physically move back and forth to get the desired picture.


What Is GPS?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) developed by the United States Department of Defense.



EDIS UF/IFAS  - Electronic Data Information Source - UF/IFAS Extension - University of Florida's official reference resource for more than 4000 print and electronic publications.  Links have been provide to their site to allow faster access to the information.


Additional Information

The Additional Information section is provides knowledge, techniques, and general information to help manage your urban forest.



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